TFL’s Application for Colindale Station UPDATE

TfL’s application for Colindale Station has been submitted and validated by Barnet Borough Council.     

Colindale Station proposed Three Tower blocks

The tallest tower will be 28 floors with a simulated day effect you can clearly see Boswell Court, Hitherwood Court with possibly Frost Court and Hopps Court also be affected during the day by over shadowing of the tower ; Please see link below a very detailed planning application

You can have your say and thoughts as residents of the area but our commercial units to engage as well.

2 thoughts on “TFL’s Application for Colindale Station UPDATE

  1. Not happy about a 28 storey eyesore! We have lots of development already in the area which is unsold due to the high prices! Can’t this building be at the same height of the tallest building within the immediate location? Why are they trying to ghettorise the area? Studies have shown these tall apartment style breed anti-social behaviour in years to come!

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