TFL Colindale Tube

Development of Colindale

  • Colindale and Burnt Oak have been identified as an Opportunity Area in the latest draft London Plan, which outlines plans to build 7,000 new homes and 2,000 jobs.
  • The London Plan identifies Colindale as an Opportunity Area and in doing so sets a minimum delivery target of 10,000 homes and 500 jobs for the area. 1,055 homes were completed in 2015-16 and planning permission was given to 6,262 homes.
  • The Colindale Area Action Plan (AAP) was adopted in 2012 as part of Barnet Council’s Local Plan. Aims:
    • create a new heart for the area to provide retail,
    • commercial and community facilities,
    • 1,000 jobs and significant public transport and highways improvements will be delivered.

Colindale Station

  • The station is very well connected and sits on the Edgware branch of the Northern Line between Burnt Oak and Hendon Central.
  • It provides an interchange with bus routes 204, 303 and N5 and will also link with the 125 to Finchley Central from spring 2019.
  • Colindale Station has seen an 88% increase in demand over the last ten years and at peak times is used by 4,500 people per hour.
  • As of 2017, annual entry and exit figures to the station totalled 7.14 million.
  • By 2041, annual passenger demand is projected to more than double as a result of further growth and development in Colindale.

Colindale Station and Housing Proposals

  • TfL is proposing to redesign and modernise Colindale Station and build three residential blocks on either side of the station.
  • This will see c.350 residential units in three towers with commercial uses on the ground floor.
  • The newly designed station will work as a reference point within the Colindale area and will be a place that will participate in every Colindale resident’s journey. 
  • The objective is to transform Colindale Avenue, widening the pedestrian pavements and building a new urban square which will make the area more attractive. 
  • The redevelopment of the station will attract more people to the area and demand for commercial space will increase.

Commercial Capacity

  • The area within the station will be available for commercial tenants, with a substantial amount of space in the rest of the proposed development for commercial tenants also. This includes along Colindale Avenue. 

Timeline of Construction

  • Construction of the station is expected to begin in 2021 with the station due for completion in 2022.
  • The commercial space within the station is tied to the delivery of the new station, which means that it will be delivered as priority.
  • The commercial space will ideally be under construction by 2022 and completed by 2024 but it is too early to commit to a timeline in the absence of a fixed development partner.

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