Matthew Offord our Hendon MP

Today I had the opportunity of meeting Matthew Offord, our Hendon MP, to discuss our development’s issues.

Matthew has recently raised in Parliament the issue of new-builds, especially in Colindale which is his constituency, of the situation on Service Charges and Ground Rent with possible future caping etc.

I found the opportunity to invite him to a fore coming CVRA meeting which he surprisingly has accepted the offer and to invite our members to have a Q&A with him on our developments on common issues and seeing what support can be given if any by putting pressure on our current government to get results or do we expect a new government to do better: We as a community need to get results and make where we live a better place!

Not forgetting I had a chat as well on Betting FOBT and Paddy Power making aware that our community is against its opening & FOBT.

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