Charcot Road Adoption NW9

Barnet Council to consider certain areas of Charcot Road NW9 to implement CPZ subset parking regulation.

Ideally the development on Charcot Road NW9 would need Pay and Display – maximum stay varies from place to place depending on local needs shared use parking places might combine business and/or resident permit parking with pay and display on certain parts of Charcot Road to reach a number of 20+ bays spread accordingly on Charcot Road NW9 similar to how Beaufort Park development has implemented unifying the community needs.

On Charcot Road NW9 the Pulse Development a number of visitors are coming to the commercial units such as the Stay Club,Pure Gym, ITJL Restaurant, Sainsbury’s, Cieo Sisha and Restaurant, Mibento Restaurant, SpaccaNapoli Pizzeria excluding the future opening of two new units of a new Turkish Restaurant and replacement of &Suya Restaurant who will all require parking spaces.

Please sign the petition below and have more parking for visitors , clients, contractors, family and friend guests before Barnet adopts our Charcot Road with no additional parking on our development !

3 thoughts on “Charcot Road Adoption NW9

  1. Pay and display is an urgent need in this development. It will not only help visitors of residents and customers of the the businesses but also address the issue of random parking all over the place. Cant vote more strongly on this.

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