We are known as CVRA (Colindale Village Residents’ Association) and would like to explain a bit about ourselves.

We formed an RA (Residents’ Association) to bring the community together and have a stronger voice in the stop of Paddy Power. So far this has been successful and the local councillors were very impressed that we had formed an RA with community support so quickly and effectively.

But what is a RA?

A Residents’ Association (RA) is usually a group of people living in an area, block or street who have come together to take up issues of common concern in relation to their housing, community and general environment.

The CVRA is a local group, made up of local residents who represents the interests of everyone living within Pulse, Edition & Rhythm developments. It is set up for everyone to join and membership is open to all local residents of the three developments.

But why have an RA?

A collective voice is a powerful voice.

Being united with other people who share your living environment, means that YOU have the opportunity to influence and shape the quality of the services to OUR local community and improve residents’ quality of life.

For example, you can…

  • Have a say on the services provided i.e. cleaning and repairs
  • Develop the environment and community i.e. apply for funding for safe play areas and carry out social activities that bring you and your neighbours together
  • Lobby the council for local provision i.e. recycling facilities, improved lighting etc.
  • And of course try to stop Paddy Power entering our development

For the CVRA to be successful and effective we need to have a representation of all residents (tenants and leaseholders) from all 3 developments – Pulse, Edition & Rhythm.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CVRA please visit the membership page.